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now we’re spinning laps around the sun | alys, daryn, robb & theon | during the imperial visit, 6 months ago


You had to give him credit, really – Daryn had a fairly decent talent of hitting where it hurt.

Maybe not physically – Theon had never had the pleasure of taking him on in the sparring ring, Daryn was an engineer, not a soldier, but he was pretty sure he could take him all the same – but drawing attention to Theon’s attire had the undoubtedly intended effect of punching him smack bang in the insecurities.

(Of which Theon has many, but focused a great deal of effort every day on stifling them down, burying them deep beneath a thick layer of bravado.)

He narrows his eyes at the other man, fists tightening beneath the table. It was briefly tempting to submit to his taunt, shrug off his coat defiantly and then spend the rest of the evening trying to repress his shivers. Even in the relative warmth of the pub, Theon still felt the cold acutely – his skin was built for space stations, where the temperature was controlled, heat for the living quarters and cool for the engineering decks, not equipped for the frost and snow the Northmen endured all year long. They were born with that thick skin and it was not something someone could just adjust to, even after over a decade of living on that planet, if Theon was any testament to the fact.

But he doesn’t relent, doesn’t give Daryn the satisfaction of getting to watch his teeth chatter each time he swallows down a gulp of beer. He forces his fingers to unclench, exhaling as he does. Alys does his best to save his pride, but Theon’s learned to fight his own battles by now.

“I’m just fine, cheers. Good to know you’re so concerned about my wellbeing. And take such an interest in what I wear, for that matter.” He raises an inquisitive eyebrow, accompanied by a mocking smirk before turning his attention back on significantly less irritating individuals. Robb was still at the bar, engaged in polite conversation with the barmaid. Judging by the slightly exasperated expression he was wearing, she was interrogating him about the events from the day before and had no intention of serving him his order until she was completely satisfied. He flashes Alys a quick grin.

“Are you saying we don’t always look dashing?” He chuckles a little, leaning back in his seat after another quick glance at the bar. He really wanted that drink. “It was bloody boring, that’s what it was. Shitloads of pomp and ceremony and not much else. Emperor’s a fat fuck and the Heir’s a little prick. I doubt I’ll survive tomorrow without at least a gallon of booze. You going?”

He doesn’t even bother to make it sound like the question is framed at the two of them.

"Anything else I can get you?"

She looks so hopeful that Robb nearly feels bad for saying, “No, thank you.”

He hurriedly balances the drinks between his arms and heads for the table, eager to escape the barmaid’s attentions without looking back. She had been polite and charming, enthusiastically complimenting the ceremony that his family had put on for the Emperor’s arrival, but Robb thinks that if he doesn’t hear about the gala in the next ten years it’ll be too soon.

A night out with Theon, Alys and Daryn, just drinking and talking without a drunk Emperor groping the maids nearby, is exactly what Robb needs and wants right now.

The gala hadn’t been bad, all warm decorations especially designed to be welcoming to the visitors and hundreds of dishes that Robb had never tasted before, but just the sight of Myrcella Baratheon alone had been enough to make Robb’s limbs buzz with unease. (He had not yet forgotten that before Margaery Tyrell, there were talks of joining houses with the Baratheons - and what a better way to do that than marrying Ned Stark’s firstborn to a young lady that would someday become as beautiful as the Empress herself?). Adding the undeniable tension between his father and Jaime Lannister, his mother’s tight smile whenever Cersei Baratheon opened her mouth, Theon sitting right next to him with his sullen mood, Jon kept away like some dirty servant not worthy enough - it was no wonder that when the night was over, Robb collapsed on his bed with a sigh of relief upon his lips.

He’s ready for a drink now, one that doesn’t make his stomach churn, and maybe even Alys and Daryn being obnoxiously flirty will keep him from thinking about how foreign Winterfell feels with these people around.

"Sorry for the wait," he says, setting the drinks in front of his friends and taking his place next to Theon. "If you’re talking about the gala I can go get food until you’re done," he half-jokes.

One look at Theon and Robb can tell the cold is getting to him: his legs are firmly pressed together under the table, when he grabs his drink his hand hesitates for a moment on the freezing glass, and a muscle in his jaw twitches just slightly when he clenches it in a expression Robb recognizes as pure stubbornness.

Robb doesn’t take off his own coat, and instead he fixes the collar to bring it closer to his face.

"It’s cold here today," he comments, even though it’s not, really.

because this is torturous electricity between the two of us » robb stark | september 3rd


Theon begins to allow himself to heave a sigh of relief as Robb starts to lift himself off of on top of him – much more of that carry-on and an already awkward situation would have become a whole lot more awkward.

The breath comes rushing out of him in a gasp when Robb’s body weight suddenly comes crashing right back down, forcing the air from his lungs with a whoosh.

Theon’s mind is already foggy with exertion, and so it takes him longer than it should to realise what exactly is happening – that they had pushed one another as far as the other could go, leaving them both crippled with exhaustion, and Robb’s limbs equally as weak as Theon’s own.

He’d groan if he could. Not just to vocalise his discomfort as the pain of his injuries begins to catch up with him now that all the adrenaline’s left his body – but because he has enough bloody difficulty as it is going about each day, pretending he isn’t pathetically in love with the son and heir of the Lord Paramount.

How the fuck is he supposed to disguise it when said son and heir is currently occupying his lap, forehead pressed against his shoulder, a position so intimate that rightfully, it should only belong to lovers?

He lacks the energy for even that, however, and so as it is, he just focuses on catching his breath instead, eyes trained on the ceiling and decidedly not on the burnt-copper curls currently tickling his chin.

It takes him a couple of moments to properly formulate a reply - he tells himself that it’s because he’s all but panting for air and thus unable to conjure up an articulate reply, knowing all the while that it’s really because he wants to soak up as much of this moment as he possibly can.

He’s greedy like that.

“Me? Oh, just dandy,” His eyes slide shut, shielding his retinas from the harsh fluorescent light above. “Could go for another round if I’m honest.” He manages a laugh at his own jape, even though it hurts his bruised ribs. “What do you say?”

Robb echoes Theon’s low chucke with a weak one of his own, breathless. The mere thought of another sparring session is enough to make his muscles tighten in fear, like a wary animal baring its fangs at a rather undesirable guest.

"Don’t you think I’ve kicked your ass just enough for today?"

He half-heartedly nudges Theon’s head with his own, sighing. His back aches; Robb thinks that he’d kill about five people with his bare hands for a massage to rub the tension away. He imagines Theon doing just that, right now: lifting his arms up to circle Robb’s waist, his hands lazily pressing against the sore hardness of Robb’s back. His eyelids fall close in bliss at the image.

He’s half-tempted to ask, but that’d surely cross a line, whatever it is.

Rolling off Theon and collapsing on his back next to him, Robb looks up at the ceiling blankly, feeling the sweat on his temples run down the sides of his face.

"That was good," he says happily. Their legs are touching. Robb doesn’t mind. "You know, I missed this. I mean, back when I was instructing at the Academy all the time. There were really good fighters - stronger than you, even, though none as quick. But they weren’t you. You just - I guess we fit together. Kicking someone else’s ass is not as fun." He grins. "Or getting my ass kicked."

because this is torturous electricity between the two of us » robb stark | september 3rd


Really, Theon should have known better than to expect Robb to give up that easily.

Maybe he could concede to Theon when it came to the skills that he knew were Theon’s domain – marksmanship, flying, engineering – but hand-to-hand combat was Robb’s department and Theon should have known he wouldn’t go down until he’d given everything he’d got.

He may have the advantage of being in possession of two weapons, but he’s been robbed now of his primary asset, that of speed – one that Robb’s now utilising rather effectively against him. Theon curses as yet another one of his blows falls short of its mark, feeling his limbs practically scream with exertion at the added strain of having to handle two blades. But he’s not admitting defeat either, exhaustion be damned, and he lunges towards Robb again and again.

He finally manages to land a hit, sword cracking against Robb’s arm with a resounding smack. Theon goes so far as to let out a ‘ha’ of triumph, before his world suddenly turns upside down.

Theon doesn’t even have time to process what’s happened before the ground comes rushing up to meet him. The next thing he knows, there’s a heavy weight on top of him – Robb – and his instincts kick him, causes him to surge forwards and grapple against the sudden grip on his wrists. He’s fucked from the start – Robb’s already got his legs pinned to the floor, and he’s by far the stronger of the two of them. It takes him hardly any time at all to force both weapons from his grip, falling to the floor with a clatter, and then Theon is trapped beneath his friend, panting heavily and the other man’s face looming over him in a similar state of breathlessness.

So close.

Too close.

The intimacy of this position hits him harder than any of the blows Robb had scored against him, and he hopes that the flush he can feel beginning to colour his cheeks passes as indignation; after all, he’d seen Robb wear a similar blush only a short while ago when he thought he’d been the one defeated. Robb’s face is literally only inches away, and Theon’s uncomfortably aware of the way his legs straddle his hips, bringing their bodies into closer contact than they’d any right to be.

He should push Robb off, but for the moment, all he can do is stare up at him in a daze as he tries to recover his breath. All the while, Robb does the same, eyes bluer than any sky Theon’s ever seen.

Fuck. He needs to diffuse the situation. Now.

Thankfully, he knows the words to do exactly that.

“I yield, I yield,” he finally manages to gasp out. “Bloody hell, Stark, never had you pegged as the type to fight dirty. Now,” He wriggles his wrists beneath his grip. “Gerroff before you crush me, I’m gonna be sore enough tomorrow as it is.”

He wonders if he’ll still remember by then how it feels, the heavy weight of Robb on top of him, pressing him into the floor.

He’s a funny feeling he won’t be forgetting it any time soon.

Robb’s grin positively splits his face in two. He can feel it stretching, infinitely smug, as he looks down at Theon, at the soft pink of his flushed cheeks - a loser’s trademark signs of embarrassment and indignation. He licks his lips.

"It wasn’t dirty!" Robb protests, nearly laughing. "I kicked you and you fell. That’s perfectly fair. And if you wanna talk about fighting dirty, let’s talk about attacking me with two blades when I’m unarmed. You’re ruthless, Greyjoy.”

A bit of an obvious statement, really - Robb’s studied enough about Theon’s family to know that Greyjoys are exactly that: ruthless, as cold and hard as the lands they inherit. Sometimes Robb still shudders thinking of the things he’s heard about Theon’s uncles.

Seeing him like this though, surrendering under him with a petulant flustered expression, it’s hard to imagine Theon could have anything in common with that kind of family.

"Fine, fine," he replies to Theon telling him to get off, rolling his eyes. Robb makes to stand up, he really does, but his whole body is beggining to cool off and stress his physical exhaustion, and his knees pause and tremble a bit and finally collapse back on the ground, dropping him back down on Theon’s lap with a soft thud.

"Sorry," Robb mumbles, suddenly aware of the cold sweat covering his face. He hadn’t realised just how much energy he’d put into his little sparring match with Theon. "Give me a minute or two."

It’s not like Robb’s the pinnacle of personal space knowledge, and especially not when it comes to Theon - so it really doesn’t seem that much of a bad idea to rest his forehead on Theon’s shoulder, releasing Theon’s arms to support himself on the floor so as to not effectively crush his friend.

"Are you alright, though?"

because this is torturous electricity between the two of us » robb stark | september 3rd


Theon’s blow had done little to throw Robb off – if anything, he comes at Theon harder now, practice blade swinging viciously and at such a rapid pace that it’s all Theon can do to evade his attacks, let alone attempt another of his own. Theon’s blood feels like it’s practically singing – yes, he felt most at home behind the scope of a sniper rifle, but there’s something to be said about fighting. He’d heard the older soldiers talk about it when they reminisced about the days of Robert’s Rebellion, of that ecstasy that came from crossing blades with a skilled opponent. He supposes sparring in a practice ring is a poor substitute but by the Sea, if it still didn’t fill Theon with a certain kind of bliss.

They should do this more often, he thinks as he ducks and scoots away from yet another one of Robb’s brutal thrusts. He was always so keen to suggest the shooting range that he often forgot just how much he enjoyed this.

Even if he did always end up losing.

He’s holding his own well enough this time at least – that is, until a blocking attempt goes awry, causing him to stumble back and allowing Robb the opportunity to stab his blade against Theon’s chest. He’d be a dead man were this a real fight, but it seems Robb isn’t quite done with him just yet.

Come on, hit me,” he taunts, and Theon’s eyes dart left and then right, frantically searching for an opportunity – before finally finding one.

Robb’s too caught up in his moment of triumph to see it coming. Theon practically twirls away, sidestepping around him and darts his leg out towards Robb as he does. Theon’s sudden movement throws him enough that his balance gives away almost immediately, flailing slightly before Theon effectively sweeps his legs from beneath him.

Robb’s sword goes flying from his grip as he does, and Theon quickly dashes for it, scooping it up with a grin. He turns then, pointing both swords down towards Robb’s chest with a smirk.

“Yield, Stark.”

Now he knows why his father always says that arrogance is a soldier’s bane.

He can merely blink up at Theon in confussion before his head catches up with what just happened; Robb can feel himself blushing furiously, face burning hot in embarrassment in contrast with the cold of the floor tiles under his palms.

But this is also a thing his father always says: that a battle is not over until one of the parts gives up.

Robb might be mortified and pissed off and humilliated, but he has definitely not admitted defeat.

He slaps the weapons away with the back of his hand and stands up, taking some cautious steps back. Theon allows him, either because he thinks Robb’s getting up to surrender with some dignity or because he doesn’t consider him enough of a threat now that he lacks his sword.

"You haven’t won yet," Robb says simply, and when Theon’s eyes narrow in that way that says Seriously? and advances towards him to show him that yes, he has actually won, Robb dodges his attacks and adopts his unarmed fighting stance.

It’s funny, but it’s sort of balanced in a way: Theon can’t move as swiftly while trying to attack with two swords, and Robb’s own moves are way less clunky now that he only has his body to fight with. This is also a carefree practice match between two friends and Theon is not really looking to harm him, so Robb can block his attacks and not break bones in the process.

Not that Theon goes easy on him: Robb’s sweating bullets what seems like only five minutes later, his muscles burning with the strain of being the one at disadvantage.

Theon’s sword hits him on the arm, hard enough to make him cringe in pain.

Robb kicks him in the knee and watches in joy how it bends, Theon’s lips parting in a little ‘o’ of surprise as he loses his balance. Robb’s arm is pretty sore, but he doesn’t waste time in hooking his foot behind Theon’s ankle and sweeping him off his feet, before practically diving to sit on his legs to keep him from getting up. He grabs his wrists and they struggle like children for a bit, until Robb tightens his hold on Theon’s arms so much that he drops the weapons with a hiss.

They’re both panting now, and Robb shifts so as to sit more comfortably on Theon’s lap, legs bracketing his friend’s hips. Their faces are parallel to each other’s, with Theon lying under him and Robb pinning his hands to the floor.

"No, you yield.”

because this is torturous electricity between the two of us » robb stark | september 3rd


Theon mirrors Robb’s starting stance – they received the same training after all, they’re familiar with one another’s basic techniques. It’s their own personal skills they’ve brought to their fighting that makes their individual styles unique: Robb, his overwhelming physical strength, and Theon, his quick reflexes and lightning fast speed.

Not that Robb’s own velocity is anything to be scoffed at – Theon only barely dodges his opening blow, skittering away to his side and dancing back several steps. Robb may usually win these battles, but it doesn’t make Theon any less determined to gain the upper hand for once. Maybe Robb’s right and it’s been a while since Theon’s been in the sparring ring, but he hasn’t let up on his physical training in the meantime. He keeps his strength and endurance up in Winterfell’s gymnasium, and even the space station offered equipment for its soldiers to stay in shape.

Robb comes at him again, blade crashing down this time too fast for Theon to dodge, and it’s all Theon can do to bring his own up to deflect it. There’s a resonating crack in the room as their weapons collide, the force sending a jolt all the way up Theon’s arm and into his shoulder. Robb hesitates a moment – just for a second, as the surprise of Theon’s manoeuvre registers – but it’s all Theon needs, spinning away and to the side, quickly delivering a blow Robb’s exposed right-hand side.  

He bites back a smirk.

How’s that for rusty?

Sparring with Theon always sends this electric thrill down Robb’s spine. He’s fast, faster than anyone Robb’s ever fought with, and it’s always a challenge to chase after him, following step after step, making the moment when he finally gets him that much more exquisite.

Not that Theon is easy to catch. He’s all long loose limbs moving easy like liquid, eyes that follow each of Robb’s movements without missing a beat; his blade attacks brief and lethal, like a snake dashing out to bite. When Theon hits him on his side, hard enough for Robb’s side to ache with a dull pain even under the armour, he inhales deeply and takes several steps back in an attempt to regain his balance and posture.

"Good job, Greyjoy," he congratulates as he wipes his mouth with his forearm, before grinning. "Now you can almost compare to me."

He’s not usually like this, arrogant and cheeky like a dornishman, but Theon brings out the need to mock him right back. Or maybe Robb is like this, has always been, and Theon just digs deep enough to reveal Robb’s true playful nature. Maybe it’s just with him, and a blade, and a sparring room, that Robb can let go.

He attacks again, and Theon is faster as always, dodging and blocking him, but Robb persists and perseveres - to the right, to the left, at the hip, at the shoulder. When Theon blocks his attack once more but he stumbles back in the process, Robb lets out a quiet cry of triumph and pushes the full weight of his blade against Theon’s chest.

"One - one," he says. "There’s no point if you keep trying to escape, you know? Come on, hit me."

It’s good that he’s distracted enough not to think about what his father and all the northern fleet would say if they saw him encouraging a hostage to harm him.

because this is torturous electricity between the two of us » robb stark | september 3rd


Theon’s’ smile broadens into a proud grin, and there’s only the slightest trace of mockery there when he brings his palms together in applause.

“Nice job, kiddo,” he tells him approvingly, moving forward to sling an arm around his neck and give him an affectionate squeeze. “Though I wouldn’t count on it as a kill – might’ve just blown the fellah’s jaw off, left him in excruciating agony instead. Nasty way to go, if he ends up bleeding to death.” He flashes him a wink. “We’ll have to work on your aim, if we want to get rid of that sadistic streak of your’s.” There’s no malice in Theon’s teasing, of course – the words ‘sadistic’ and ‘Robb Stark’ went about as well together as ‘Lannister’ and ‘kindly’.

He pulls a face at Robb’s suggestion – he’d much prefer to stay at the range, maybe try out a few of the new customised scopes or concentration mods he’d been working on – but saying no to Robb has always been virtually impossible for Theon. Especially when he’s flashing him such a hopeful grim, and – well, Theon really should give the younger man a chance to redeem himself. And so he sighs, shoulders slumping in defeat.

“Alright, alright,” he grumbles, wriggling away. “Let’s go suit up. See you in ten.”

Their sparring armour is light – they’re not using actual sabres after all, there’s no real risk of losing a limb or some kind of other extremity during their practice – but the training weapons are still pretty damn heavy, and a well-landed blow can leave a bruise that you’ll be feeling for days. “A reminder not to let your opponent get so close again,” he vaguely recalls one of the instructors telling him – and he winces a little recalling some of the batterings he’d received during his early days, before he’d developed any real skill. He’d learned soon enough how to put his speed to advantage, keep his opponents far enough away whilst they wore themselves down hacking and lunging desperately – but Robb had a stamina few others possessed. And he was bloody good with a blade.

His friend is waiting for him in the middle of the ring by the time Theon enters, rolling his shoulders in preparation. The damn bastard looked almost as good in his sparring armour as he did in his uniform. Theon alerts him of his presence with a low chuckle.

“Ready? Let me show you just how rusty I’ve become.”

Robb has to resist very hard the urge to grin like a maniac when Theon enters the ring, suited up and looking at him warily despite the bravado of his words.

He fails, of course.

This, he is familiar with; this is what he’s good at, the place where he knows he holds the advantage and where he feels nearly immortal. A shot is easy to miss - there are too many factors, changing and re-arranging, that mark the millimetric difference between hitting your target and missing it entirely. But one-on-one combat is absolute. You can miss too, sure enough, but it all depends on your own senses and the opponent’s, on speed and reflexes, flesh and mind. There’s no more human, alive combat than one-on-one where the only thing that exists is two people and their bodies being pushed to the limit to tear each other apart, and that’s exactly how Robb feels - utterly human, so very alive.

"Rusty or not," Robb taunts back, "I was still the top first on the records for close range combat. I wouldn’t be so sure of myself if I were you, Greyjoy."

He positions himself in his classic sparring posture, the arm with the weapon held high so as to shield his face and his body sideways, so as to give Theon as less target as possible. They nod at each other once and Robb’s smile vanishes, replaced with a look of pure focus.

"I’m ready."

Without pausing to even breathe, he advances towards Theon and attacks, merciless. He’s no Jaime Lannister, rumoured to laugh out loud in joy during fights, but he can definitely relate to the thrill of this particular type of battle.

Theon dodges him, of course, and Robb follows him without missing a beat, cheeks flushed pink with excitement and blood humming in pleasure.

Human. Alive.

because this is torturous electricity between the two of us » robb stark | september 3rd


This is incredibly dangerous territory, and Theon knows it all too well. This level of closeness, this kind of…intimacy, it’s something he should avoid entirely. The price he might pay for any misstep is too high – losing Robb altogether is a cost he’s not sure he could survive. But the feel of Robb’s stubble grazing his fingers, the soft sigh he lets out in response to Theon’s touch – it’s so intoxicating that Theon feels practically drunk on it. He tries not to let his fingers linger too long, when he adjusts Robb’s grip, but can’t resist letting his other hand remain where it is, resting gently on Robb’s spine. He’s closer than he needs to be, and he’s sure that Robb realises that – but he doesn’t seem to raise any protest.

“Better,” he murmurs, finally taking a step back so that he can run a critical eye over the results. Not perfect – but it’s a pretty damn fine improvement all the same. Robb’s always been a fast learner, always been quick to master any skill he put his mind to learning. No wonder he had been – still was – the pride and joy of the Academy.

Theon wonders sometimes if he’d ever had a hope in hell of resisting him.

A smile tugs at his lips, and he finally – reluctantly – lifts his hand from his spine.

“Patience is the name of the game, Stark. Now shoot.”

And he does shoot.

The force of a sniper rifle’s attack has always made him stumble, and this time is no exception; Robb takes a step back, feeling deaf and fragile under the potent sound of his gunshot resonating through the entire room, and he’s aware of Theon’s hand reaching out to steady him, gripping him by the shoulder firmly.

It’s still not good enough. The bullet makes a hole on the target’s chin, rather than the forehead where it was supposed to hit - but he supposes that’s close enough.

"Well," Robb says, getting up not without some difficulty and putting the gun back down on the tripod. "Forehead, chin, it’s all the same - they’d be dead anyway. I’ll count it as victory." He shrugs one shoulder,  feeling it stiff even after Theon’s help and advice with his posture, and nudges at Theon’s knee with his leg with a hopeful grin. "Alright, we’ve been playing your game long enough, now it’s time for mine. Sparring room in ten minutes? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you on one-on-one combat, you wouldn’t want to get all rusty."

because this is torturous electricity between the two of us » robb stark | september 3rd


It’s odd, really – of anyone he’s ever encountered on this planet, Robb has always been the one who has awarded him praise most freely. Complimentary words had always come rather begrudgingly from the lips of his instructors back in the Academy, forever resentful that an outsider, let alone a Greyjoy, had clawed their way to the top of several leaderboards. Robb, meanwhile, was always quick to commend Theon on his achievements, and always seemed to be genuinely happy to dole them out as well.

And yet it was still Robb’s admiration that meant the most to him, no matter how liberally it was given. It was always Robb’s remarks that made his chest swell with pride, turn his trademark smirk (rather embarrassingly) into a ridiculously goofy grin. This time is no different, and he quickly tries to hide it by pulling himself to his feet, shouldering his rifle with a nonchalant toss of his head.

“Heh. That wasn’t even that difficult. Next time give me an actual challenge, yeah?”

He hands the rifle over, a little hesitantly – it’s one of his favourites, one of the models that he had customised himself, and as such, he feels more than a little protective of it. Still, Robb’s hardly a novice, and Theon had offered to give him some pointers.

He snorts at the remark, rolling his eyes to the ceiling.

“Just because she’s too much for you, Stark, doesn’t give you free reins to start doling out the insults. Show a little respect for the lady.”

Theon takes a step back, observing Robb as he drops into a crouch and settles into position, before shaking his head and quickly moving back in beside him.

“No, no. All wrong. Your spine’s too stiff.  And your knee – here.” He pauses, adjusting Robb’s arm so that his elbow rests against his knee. “And here –“ He moves again, crouching down beside Robb himself now and gently turning his head by the chin, pressing his cheekbone tighter to the gun’s but. “Keep a good cheek weld – it’ll improve your targeting, and your shoulder will absorb the recoil better.”

It’s strange, in a way. For years, it was Robb the one guiding people, offering his advice; telling them to curve their spine a bit, raise their elbows, no, just a bit higher, now balance your weight on your right foot, there you go. He remembers a thousand faceless, nameless cadets that he helped polish, even when a great part of them were even older than him.

He hasn’t been in the role of the student since the Academy; he almost didn’t remember what it was like to be in a submissive position. There’s a pang of irritation that kicks in immediately when Theon says All wrong like Robb is some kind of inexperienced teenager that’s never held a gun, but he swallows it down and listens and tries to be a good Captain because Theon was definitely right - Robb’s duty is also to listen to his men.

Theon’s hand is warm against his face, grasping him by the chin with a gentler touch than Robb would have imagined for someone so rough and dry.

The silence is positively deafening, ironically enough.

Robb takes a deep breath, suddenly crushed under the pressure of wanting to impress Theon like he hasn’t in ages. Spine too firm, he had said. He tries to relax and rolls his shoulders, feeling his bones creak in protest. Maybe he had been too tense.

"Like that?" he asks, and it comes out like a whisper. When Theon’s reply is pushing his back into a straighter line and gently guiding his fingers into holding the rifle gentler, Robb sighs quietly. He never stood this close to any of the students he was instructing, but perhaps he should have. His posture has definitely improved a lot, putting a lot less weight on his ankles and reducing the tension of his knees. "Can I shoot now? How do you have the patience to do all this?"

because this is torturous electricity between the two of us » robb stark | september 3rd


“It is helpful,” Theon insists, “I’m advising you not to waste your precious time on a weapon that’s too smart for you.”

The laughter dies in his throat when he feels Robb’s fingers press against his pulse. Not because he harbours any doubts about Robb’s playful intent, but because Robb would have to be a fucking idiot not to notice just how much Theon’s heart rate has accelerated. And yes, his best friend can be oblivious at times, but a fool he is not. So, of course he notices, and of course he quizzes Theon about it – and Theon’s only saving grace is that Robb can’t see his face to catch sight of the rising flush he can feel beginning to colour his cheeks.

“My health is just fine, thank you,” he hastily intervenes, “but besting my superiors gets the blood pumping, don’t you know?”

Mercilessly, Robb releases him before they can dwell on the subject much longer, abandoning him to go and fiddle with the hologram settings. It provides Theon with some much needed respite, whereby he can scrub at his face with both hands, trying to force his cheeks to return to normal temperature. It was one thing to find his pulse racing after tousling with Robb, quite another to be fucking blushing.

(He shouldn’t allow these kinds of things to happen, to encounter such risks as readily and as frequently as he does. If he’d a lick of sense, he’d keep his distance more from his Captain so as to lessen the likelihood of being caught out.  But it’s futile. He hadn’t been able to do it as a child, even before he’d really known Robb, now that he’d gone and been so stupid as to fall in love with him – it was impossible.

Robb Stark was more intoxicating than any substance Theon had ever enjoyed. And there was no way to quit him.)

By the time he pulls his hands away from his face, Robb’s finished with his tinkering, leaving Theon to admire his handiwork with a chortle. Definitely a worthy target.

“Aye aye, Captain,” He turns back to his gun, unfastens it from its tripod – he prefers to balance it himself when it comes to particularly precise shooting – then settles himself into a crouch, allowing himself to relax into the stance, feel the cool metal of the rifle’s but press into his cheek. His visor whirs softly, measuring the distance of the target and adjusting to its movements, before finally zeroing in the scope. Theon doesn’t bother biting back the smile that splits his lips every time just before he pulls the trigger, that irrepressible smug grin that comes with the complete and utter confidence that he will not miss.

Three cracks of the rifle later, and he lowers the gun, turns to smirk at Robb without even checking the hologram. He doesn’t need to.

“Your turn.”

And Robb watches - stares, as if in a trance.

As a Captain of an entire fleet, as well as a former instructor at the Academy for years, it’s always been his job to make sure that, like he said to Theon, his men are in perfect physical conditions. Handling a gun in the way it should be handled isn’t a one-way street; both weapon and the person wielding it must be at their best, like a well-oiled machine with pieces working and moving together in perfect synchronization. The biggest, most accurate rifle is nothing without a properly trained man to pull its trigger, but a perfectly skilled marksman can do nothing with a rusty, broken gun either.

This sniper rifle is of the highest quality, designed and built for even an Emperor to use.

Theon is even better. A sniper fit to be an Emperor’s personal guard… settling for the role of a common soldier for a common lord.

His posture is flawless, as always - crouching with perfect balance, holding the rifle with firm but serene hands, spine curved just that bit for his back and muscles not to feel the strain of his gun’s weight. With that arrogant grin curving his lips and the visor illuminating part of his smiling face, Theon Greyjoy looks simply breathtaking - he looks right.

Robb doesn’t need to look at the trajectory of Theon’s bullets, either.

He does anyway though, just to tear his gaze away from Theon.

The hologram shatters into pieces once more, but not before Robb can see the three gaping holes in its chest, right inside the O’s of Hornwood’s name.

"That was really good," he says sincerely, beaming with pride. The best damn sniper in the System, and he’s Robb’s. "Alright, Theon, you win - show your Captain how to get better. Give me that thing."

Shooting a sniper rifle without a tripod is not something Robb is used to, hasn’t done it since his days back at the Academy, so even his posture must be rusty and inadequate now. Theon has some hard work ahead of him.

When he feels the full raw weight of the rifle in his arms, Robb can’t help snorting. It’s even heavier than usual, surely thanks to its quality. The weapons back at the Academy could use with an update, but this is a true beast.

"I could make a comment about your preference for this kind of guns and compensating, but I’ll try to be a good student."

because this is torturous electricity between the two of us » robb stark | september 3rd


Were he not so at ease, he might have been able to protect himself from Robb’s sudden manoeuvre, dart out of his reach; Robb is the stronger of the two of them but Theon’s always been faster, possessing what can only be described as cat-like reflexes. So, okay, maybe being caught off-guard didn’t have that much to do with it, he probably could still have managed to twist away at the last second, yeah, maybe a little part of Theon wanted to be caught.

Not that he’d ever admit that to anyone, least of all himself.

It’s only that he’s humiliated Robb enough during today’s round of target practice as it is, he’s got to allow his best friend some small victory.

That’s all it is.

There’s no escaping Robb’s hold once you’re in it, however, no matter how quick he may be; Robb wasn’t making any idle boasts, he really did manage to overpower Theon whenever it came to confrontational battle. He was a warrior made for the frontlines, whilst Theon was better suited to tactical warfare.

He chuckles, reaching up with his free hand to squeeze the arm that’s currently lightly compressing his throat. God, but being this close still gets him every fucking time, much as he likes to pretend that it doesn’t.

“I’m only trying to provide some helpful advice,” he teases, “what good is a Captain that doesn’t listen to his men, eh? Let me go and I might even share with you some of my secrets. If you ask me nicely.”

Robb chuckles, fondly shaking his head as he twists Theon’s arm some more; not enough to hurt, of course not, just enough to remind Theon how powerless he is right now. He’s always loved this push and pull between them, this playful rivalry laced deep with their brotherhood - and he knows Theon does too, especially in the shooting range.

"Helpful advice? I don’t see how ‘facing that me and this particular type of gun are never gonna get along’ and ‘leaving it to the pros’ is gonna help me at all, Greyjoy." He removes the arm blocking Theon’s throat but only so he can press his hand against it, fingers feeling his veins. Everything’s really quiet for a moment. "Your pulse is going fast, have you taken your medical tests this year? Practice and a little manhandling are not supposed to make you feel agitated, I need my snipers in perfect physical conditions."

And now he does release Theon, gently pushing him forward.

"Do show me those secrets of yours, though." A mischievous smile appears on Robb’s face as he approaches the computer to customize the target. He leaves the distance, size and transparency just the same, jumping instead to the ‘advanced options’ section and adding a bright red HORNWOOD on the hologram’s chest. “Forget the head. Hit the center of the three O’s, if you can.”